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Ancient Egypt has always been regarded as full of mystery and mythology. It is partly because it was one of the oldest civilizations in the world. And partly because very few documents and records from that era have survived to the present day.

The mummy sarcophagus - symbol of ancient egyptian mythologyThere are many things that are considered mysteries of Egypt, from the ancient Egyptian mummies and hieroglyphs to the various conspiracies and ancient Egyptian myths that are circulating today.

Also sparking the imagination is ancient Egyptian mythology, from the various gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt, to the Egyptians' belief in the afterlife and the Final Judgment of man.

The Mysteries of Egypt section contains the following entries:

  • Mystery of the Mummy - Explore ancient Egyptian mummies and the Egyptian mummification process, the most prominent of the mysteries of Egypt.
  • Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics - The mysterious egyptian hieroglyphs and the hieroglyphic alphabet.
  • Conspiracy Theories Revealed - Various conspiracies relating to ancient Egypt such as the age of the Sphinx and Illuminati symbols.
  • Ancient Egyptian Myths - Myths from ancient Egypt, including the story of Creation and other stories that shaped the Egyptian civilization.

Do explore the other sections in this site, including:

  • Wonders of Ancient Egypt - Find out about the many wonders originating from Ancient Egypt, including the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and the Nile River.
  • Egyptian Mythology and Religion - Learn about the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, and the rise of Christianity and Islam in the Post Dynastic period.
  • Modern and Ancient Egyptian History - Explore the various Dynasties of Ancient Egypt as well as the varied political landscape up till the present day.

Want to know more Egyptian mysteries? Try this book from Amazon:

Tales of Ancient EgyptTales of Ancient Egypt

This collection brings the world of Ancient Egypt to life with tales of journey and discovery. Among the many stories are the great myth of Amen-Ra, who formed all the creatures in the world; and the entrancing tale of Isis, who searched the waters for her dead husband Osiris.


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